Pomodoro Technique

8acfb44560032afc68dece092fadc0c9_2If there is one thing that I learned this month, it is the Promodoro Technique. Thanks to Trang Dai of TDN Creations, I got to discover a simple technique to maximize time and to become more productive for the day’s work.

I’ve heard about the Pomodoro technique 10 days ago and have started implementing it after listening to an audio book explaining how it worked. It has really help me stay super focused and get rid of distractions while on a particular task.

Here’s a good summary: http://lifehacker.com/productivity-101-a-primer-to-the-pomodoro-technique-1598992730

As per Trang Dai’s suggestion, I used Trello to list all my To-Do List and to track down my developments in completing my priorities for the day. I arrange the board as follows:

  • Lists of things to do
  • To do today (I start the day putting here all the cards that I want to do today)
  • Pomodoro (I put here all the cards that I will do in a Pomodoro)
  • Finished (that’s where the cards go when I’m done with them during a Pomodoro)
  • To re-use (cards that will be put back in the List of things to do when I need them)
  • Archives (cards that are done and unlikely to be re-used)

I use color codes to help me easily visualize how many Pomodori a card will take. Yellow is less than a Pomodoro so I can group several together when I want to start working on a Pomodoro. Green is 1 pomodoro, yellow is 2 pomodori, red is 3 pomodori… You get the idea.

Try this out and let me know if I am able to help you in your work too just as Trang Dai help me maximize my time daily.


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